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Flexible Learning Environment

Emmanuel Christian School is moving forward in providing a Flexible Learning environment for all students.

Why Flexible Learning?

Studies show that classroom design affects a typical student’s academic progress by 25% in one academic year.

Flexible Learning Environment:

  • means more collaboration, communication, creativity and comfort
  • supports inclusive education for students with different learning needs
  • provides students the choice of space of from where they can work best.

The positive results prove that our children are on the path to better learning.

Les résultats positifs prouvent que nos enfants sont sur la voie d'un meilleur apprentissage.

Empowering children for better learning

Testimonials from Emmanuel students and teachers:

“I can now adjust my chair height and move around – That’s why I’m able to concentrate. I can produce more work now!” - Matthew (Gr. 7)

“Being able to move tables and chairs easily made teamwork very accessible and more active.” - Alexandre (Gr. 8)

“The wobbly stool is my favourite; it helps me stay alert and be more focused.” - Zoë (Gr. 8)

“I can roll and also lean back and forth in my chair comfortably. This helps me communicate with my pears and be more creative.” - Sarah (Gr. 11)

“I have been sitting comfortably, with better posture. I am not distracted anymore with any back pain.” - Tiana (Gr. 11)

“My students are excited and lined up to come into class each day, eager to claim their seat. The point of flexible learning is giving students ownership of their education, stepping away from the one size fits all approach. Flexible seating, where each student can identify their best seat, is an important part of that.” - Ms. Magnus

"Flexible seating has completely transformed our classroom and the way our students learn.  The kids love being able to have the power to choose where they are going to sit for the day. Maybe it will be at the standing table or on the balance chair to help keep their bodies engaged. Or maybe they feel like sitting at the collaborative learning table, because two heads work better than one. The possibilities are endless." - Mrs. Manoli

"L'aménagement flexible dans notre classe aide à l'amélioration des capacités d'apprentissage de nos élèves. Le fait qu'ils sont capables de travailler debout ou de bondir doucement sur un ballon de stabilité les rends plus attentifs dans la salle de classe." - Mme Rouhana

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