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Fundraiser 2021-2022

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Please prayerfully consider supporting our students with a financial gift this year.

Fundraiser 2021-2022

Be on the lookout through this holiday season for regular updates on our progress about how you can give to this exciting campaign.
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Fundraiser 2021-2022

Emmanuel Christian School (EMCS) would not be where it is today without your continued, unwavering, and generous support. For the past 46 years, visionaries, benefactors, principals, teachers, staff, parents, alumni and volunteers have come together to support and sustain EMCS. 


The unprecedented crisis of the pandemic has reaffirmed that EMCS is well-surrounded by a community that whole-heartedly supports its vision to equip students to excel academically, spiritually, socially, and physically. We have not only come together to see our way through this crisis, but also the entire community – from the Principal and Board of Directors to all of the staff, teachers, and numerous volunteers – is working tirelessly despite the challenges we are facing to ensure a thriving future for our school, with new initiatives and best practices being implemented every day.

Last year, an emphasis was placed on flexible learning and inclusion for all students. The EMCS community embraced the vision, and together we raised more than $35,000! These and other efforts have led to increased enrollment for this school year — the highest it has been in many years.

This year, in order to keep up with the needs of current and future students, we are planning program and facility upgrades. These much-needed upgrades include enhancing our music program and renovating our gym. EMCS is known for exceptional musicianship and competitive sportsmanship. To continue offering our best, we need to modernize these two areas.

We are excited to launch – starting today! - an ambitious new fundraising campaign to support this vision. Our goal is to raise $200,000 by the end of the school year!!

Please consider continuing your partnership with us through a generous year-end donation or a monthly donation (tax-receiptable) and by prayerfully supporting us.

Together, with your ongoing partnership and commitment, we can invest in the areas that are essential to our school and build a better tomorrow for all our students, present and future, at Emmanuel Christian School.